Selected work

Pertaining to a Structure: A Conversation in Six Parts

Added on by Beth Howe.

Works from the UBC Rare Books and Special Collections and the Artists’ Books Collection at Emily Carr University Library.

November 2-30, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Curated by Beth Howe and Larissa Beringer

Pertaining to a Structure : A Conversation in Six Parts is an exhibition that relies on plurality to give an inherent sense of purpose and structure to a conversation. The six conversations build up different layers, making intuitive relationships both physical and conceptual and by facilitating conversations between original works and their references within contemporary artists’ publications.

Shelf Space 1: B&W

Added on by Beth Howe.

I have been collecting artists' books for about a decade. When we moved into our new house, I wanted to build a shelf to showcase a rotating selection from my collection, to get the books out of filing cabinets, into the light of day so I can look at them, and, if you come over, you can too.

Shelf Space 1 B&W Howe1

Shelf Space 1: B&W is seven books that are all black and white. From left to right:
1. Paula McCartney, On Thin Ice, In a Blizzard, 2011

2. Lucy Lippard, 4,492,040, 1969 and 1974 (facsimile reprint: New Documents)

3. Nicolás París, Doble faz, 2007, 2010

4. Frank Olive & Rudy Shepherd, Viva La Marriage - Mandrills Need Love Too Mandrills Don't Need Love, 2006

5. Elisabeth Tonnard, Mood Potential, 2010

6. Micah Lexier, A Number of Things, 2008

7. David Kühne, nr.1 — nr.24, 2013

SHelf Space 1 B&W Howe2